“Dustin was recommended to me by a local realtor, and has helped me with both a new mortgage and re-financing. The service provided by Dustin and Trish is top notch, so thorough, helpful and professional. Dustin takes the time to answer any and all questions, and make clients feel comfortable and informed along the way. Highly recommend!” – Tanya Rice,  April 5th, 2017

“Dustin James cold called me about 4 and a half years ago and asked if I was looking for a mortgage and I actually was at that time and decided to go with him, dealing with him has been a breeze and very pleasant. He doesn’t talk down to me when I clearly don’t know a lot of the lingo. (my parents mortgage guy did and it was extremly off putting and annoying) It has truly been a great experience dealing with him, and I look forward to doing buiseness with him for many years to come, I would definitely recommend him.” – Tyler Vieira – March 24th , 2017

“This was our first time using Dustin James services, and couldn’t be happier with his professionalism and honesty in arranging financial assistance to us. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He made everything go smoothly and effectively for our best interest.”   Michael Sloboda – February 11, 2017

“Dustin James was originally recommended by our realtor. We have used Dustin’s services twice and have been very impressed with his professionalism, response time and service in general. He also has a very efficient team.
I would recommend Dustin for any financial services that you require an honest, professional and efficient mortgage agent for.
We will definitely use Dustin for any mortgage needs we have in future.” Darlene – January 5th, 2017

“This is my second or third time using Dustin to help me with a mortgage and honestly I recommend him to everyone and anyone. I was referred originally by my real estate agent about 5 years ago. As a small business owner it can be difficult to get approved for mortgages because we don’t fit into the banks “rules” all the time. Dustin gets that and has partners and services to work with you to make it happen. He’s friendly, quick to answer questions and plain old good at his job. If you are looking for someone to help you out with your mortgage situation I highly recommend him.” Elias Campbell – December 13th, 2016

“Dustin and I went to high school together and was great in refinancing my mortgage. This is the second time I have used his services and both times have been nothing short of excellent. The process was easy, smooth and he had my best interests in mind the entire time. He offered sound advice and helped me choose the product which best suited my needs. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a mortgage!”  Matt Markovic – December 6th, 2016

“We’ve used Dustin for our mortgage needs for 3 homes now. we went to high school with Dustin, and were happy to use someone we knew for buying our first home. he has always been extremely knowledgeable, answered any questions or concerns we had, and gone above and beyond what was expected of him. We have recommended Dustin to friends and family, and will definitely continue to use Dustin to get us the best mortgage possible in the future!” M.B. – November 30th, 2016

“Dustin James was amazing in helping us quickly and efficiently. We were able to consolidate our debt, save a ton of money and headaches, explained everything thoroughly and helped us in a way that our previous bank wouldn’t even consider. He also made everything happen in a time crunch, very flexible hours too. Would recommend him in a heartbeat.” Brittany Grouette – November 21st, 2016

“I have known Dustin for many years and my father had used his services as a Mortgage Broker. When our mortgage was up for renewal, we decided to work with Dustin to navigate the process. Dustin got us the best rate and the the right product to meet our needs. He is very knowledgeable, he manages the process and takes care of all of the details, and is always available to answer questions. Dustin is extremely professional and does what he says he will do. We trust Dustin to take care of all of our mortgage needs and have referred him to friends and family without hesitation. He is great at what he does and we look forward to working with him on our future mortgage needs as well.” Kristen Cornell Abercromby – November 21st, 2016

“Our mortgage recently came up for renewal and we were referred to Dustin James through a family member. I was nervous about the possibility of leaving the bank I have dealt with from the beginning and venturing into the unknown, but it truly was the the best decision. Dustin made the entire experience seamless. His knowledge and experience allowed us to a create a mortgage that really works for us. Thank you Dustin.” Barb Glover Hickson – October 4th, 2016